I am thinking of coming to church but I’m a bit worried…

Walking through the doors of a church can be a huge step. Whether you haven’t been to church for a while and are interested in attending again, or you’ve never been to church before, you may be feeling a little apprehensive and unsure. Please do not worry! You will receive a warm welcome here at St Martin’s, whoever you are and whatever your background.

We hope the “FAQs” below will help to ease any worries:

What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in. You do not have to dress up (unless you like dressing up).

What’s the parking like?

We have a small car park at the front of the church but, be warned, this fills up quite quickly. Arrive early if you want a spot! Alternatively, there is space in the surrounding roads (Queen Mary Avenue, Glenthorpe Road, and Camborne Road); all of which are free to park in.

Can I bring my children?

Absolutely! Children are always welcome at St Martin’s, whatever their age, stage and situation. There are groups for them to go to during the service and a creche for the very little ones.

What if my child is noisy?

You name us a child who isn’t noisy! Peace and quiet is overrated. The most important thing is that you are all here with us. Nobody in the service will judge you. Most of us have been (or are) where you are! If you feel at any point during the service that your children (or you) need some time out, feel free to use our creche where you will still be able to see and hear the service. You do not need to ask permission!

What time should I arrive?

Probably 5 to 10 minutes early, especially if you are apprehensive. You will then have time to be welcomed, find a seat, and feel more at home.

How do I know if I am sitting in someone’s seat?

There is no such thing as someone’s seat. Sit wherever you want!

When do the children go to their groups?

Children and adults are all in together at the start of the service as we believe that worshipping as a whole church family is really important. After about 10-15 minutes, Mark, or whoever is leading the service, will announce that it is time for the children to leave for their groups. Our Sunday Club leaders will make sure that all children get to where they are meant to go. If you wish to leave your toddler in the creche, our DBS-checked creche leaders will be happy to relieve you to go and enjoy the rest of the service.

Do I need to bring a bible?

You can if you prefer, but we have bibles available on every chair during the service so please feel free to use ours.

How do I know when to stand or sit?

Mark, or whoever is leading the service, will make this clear at every stage. We normally stand for singing and sit for most other bits. Just follow the lead of the person up the front!

Do you have toilets and disabled access?

Yes and yes! There are two toilets in the foyer of the church (one is a disabled toilet), and another one next door to our Sunday Club room. Please ask a member of our welcome team (the ones with the name badges) if you are unsure where to go. There is a ramp for wheelchairs and buggies outside the front door of the church building.

What happens after the service?

You can leave at any time after the service but there are normally refreshments available at the back of the church and lots of people tend to stay on for chats and catch-ups. You are very welcome to stay too and we’d love to say hello!

What if the things that I’ve done in my life mean that I am not good enough to be part of a church?

Jesus welcomes the “not good enoughs” because none of us are in fact “good enough.” All of us, however, are precious in His sight. As a church we seek to be like Jesus in welcoming everyone who walks through our doors. We long to see hearts changed in Jesus’ name and this is exactly why church is so important and amazing. It’s a place to learn and grow, as well as a place to build relationships and encourage one another in love. You are welcome because you’re not good enough!

Have we missed anything?

Please reach out and ask. We will be happy to get in touch with you prior to your visit (and even afterwards). Our contact page can be found here.