St Martin’s is an anglican church seeking to live out the good news of Jesus Christ here in Morden.

We are one of four churches in the Parish of Morden. With St Lawrence, Emmanuel and St George’s we make up the “Morden Parish Team”, working together to serve a wide area of South West London.

We are a community of Christians who are from all sorts of different backgrounds but who have a shared trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Our desire is to serve Him and one another, as we bring the wonderful news of Jesus to those in our local area.

We are evangelical (which means that we take the Bible seriously as God’s Word to us today), and we are committed to serving and witnessing to those who live in our parish. We are part of God’s worldwide church, and support several mission partners and societies.

Who are we?


We have a leadership team overseeing the various areas of church life, in conjunction with the Vicar.


We are a church family consisting of people from all ages and all walks of life. We have a growing number of children and families, and we seek to encourage one another to live for Jesus in our different contexts. We encourage each other to use the gifts we have to serve one another and those in our community. Some are involved in getting the building ship-shape, whilst others help in the kitchen, welcoming people, leading music or singing at church, leading home groups, leading prayer time, teaching the children, preaching and leading our meetings.

We would love to see you!