The Christmas Journey



From Nazareth to Bethlehem

On November 6th to November 8th pupils from Aragon, Hatfeild and Hillcross schools came to visit The Christmas Journey at St Martin’s church, The basic idea of The Christmas Journey is to tell the Christmas story in a multimedia and hands-on way, enabling children to experience familiar (sometimes!) stories in a thought-provoking way. Children are encouraged to form links between Christmas and other Bible stories, particularly Creation and Easter.

IN THE BEGINNING: God saw that it was good.


They meet a story teller who shares the story of how God made a beautiful world with amazing presents for us to enjoy. They are encouraged to wonder what God will do to put right the things that are being spoilt in the world.

IN MARY'S KITCHEN: the angel's message


They travel through a tunnel to meet Mary as she bakes bread.

They listen to an angel who gives her the message from God that she will have a baby whose name will be Jesus.

THE SHEPHERDS' HILLSIDE: A Saviour has been born!


Another tunnel leads them to a hillside where a shepherd tends his sheep.

An angel visits and tells shepherds he has good news, a baby has been born to bring joy to all people. He tells the shepherds to go and find the baby in a manger, he is wrapped in strips of cloth.

THE STABLE: the animals share the good news


On through another tunnel they hear from animal puppets about the events of the night when Jesus was born.

A sleepy Joseph is with the baby.THE WISE MEN'S TENT: gifts fit for the special baby


At the end of another tunnel they meet wise men who are there to talk about gifts the children might give to a baby and to explain the gifts that they have brought – Gold for a king, Frankincense used for worship and Myrrh for healing and often used in burials. Gifts that give clues about Jesus.

A MODERN-DAY LOUNGE: why did Jesus come?


Out in a modern-day lounge Mark talked to pupils about the work that Jesus came to do. Not staying as the baby in a manger but dying on a cross to make it possible for anyone to be close to God. The most amazing present of all.


Pupils found out what Christians believe about Christmas. They thought about how the characters might have felt and were encouraged to ask questions about what they saw and heard. They also helped to explore answers.

A large team of people from St Martin’s church, with a few friends from other churches really enjoyed working together to share this story. Pupils and staff told us how very much they enjoyed it too. Everyone is looking forward to the next Christmas Journey in 2018.